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Apollyon Echelon - Nyog'Sothilly

Hermit crab Mare Demon God
7th and so far latest Demon God to ally with Akgrizzleos and join his horde. Joined in recent millennia. Most in the universe don't know yet that she's joined.
Apparently been put in charge of the demon horde's weapon R&D department according to reports. Essentially her apparent role would be akin to that of a head scientist.
Currently unknown if she also serves as an actual general of sorts.
Born during the Titanomachy itself. Vastly younger than Akgrizzleos. Youngest Demon God in the Abaddon Ordu. Based on some reports, general character and behavior is apparently akin to a person that'd be a younger contemporary of Akgrizzleos' own character, probably even younger than that like a mid twenties to early thirties person.
:iconleodilfkaiser:LeoDIlfKaiser 0 0
Apollyon Echelon - Quarralrus

Sea lion Walrus Minor Demon God
6th Demon God to ally with Akgrizzleos and join his horde. Joined several millennia after the Titanomachy in the midst of the conflict between the horde and the Glaberat empire.
Primarily serves as a commander for the demon horde's forces, often aiding the Great Demon God in certain crucial war campaigns that require more tactical finesse than simple regular demonic brute force. He's often only used in high priority campaigns that just can't be left in the hands of lesser qualified generals. Some of these said campaigns are even really high priority ones that even Akgrizzleos himself can't devote his full attention to, due to being preoccupied elsewhere and such, but can't relinquish control to
:iconleodilfkaiser:LeoDIlfKaiser 0 0
Apollyon Echelon - Flambobsconz

Sponge Skunk-like Minor Demon God
5th Demon God to ally with Akgrizzleos and join his horde. Joined several millennia or so after the Titanomachy during the horde's invasion of the Brobdingnag Hell Realm.
Primarily serves as the top beastmaster of the demonic horde
He also serves as a general in certain rare cases that Akgrizzleos himself is otherwise preoccupied and there's no one else who can take up the job. His tactics and actual prowess in battle itself however aren't exactly those of a stable well functioning individual. Because of how easily he can get worked up in battle especially when things don't go the way as he planned or drag on too long, and the consequences that usually happen, him being given command of troops or ordered to fight himself is considered a last reso
:iconleodilfkaiser:LeoDIlfKaiser 0 0
Apollyon Echelon - Vlies-eu

Sheep (supposedly) Demon God
4th Demon God to ally with Akgrizzleos and join his horde. Joined some millennia after the Titanomachy.
Primarily serves as the Abaddon Ordu's head propaganda chief and top religious leader of those who actually worship Akgrizzleos as a god. Basically, he's like a propaganda leader and an evil demonic pope.
He also serves as an actual general to a degree in certain situations. While he isn't that much of a strategist on the battlefield, he's at least capable of giving misdirection that either fools enemies into defeat, or encourages troops into doing tactics that they wouldn't otherwise do. He however prefers to not assume this particular role as much as possible as it's a more clear and straightforward one than those he typically does. It's also a role that
:iconleodilfkaiser:LeoDIlfKaiser 0 0
Apollyon Echelon - Bloo-Boomahr

Kangaroo-like Minor Demon God
3rd Demon God to ally with Akgrizzleos and join his horde. Joined after the first couple of millennia after the Titanomachy. 1st Demon God to have been purposely sought after and recruited to be a use to the demon horde.
Primarily serves as a warrior on the battlefield rather than an actual general. He being one of the horde's highest generals is just a mere title and position bestowed on him than anything else as a result of him not being able to work well with others. As such, he isn't even considered a possible substitute to take over Akgrizzleos' command when the latter's otherwise preoccupied.
His real role in the Abaddon Ordu other than to provide his combat skills, is to draw in new recruits to the demon horde's unholy crusade via his infamy.
:iconleodilfkaiser:LeoDIlfKaiser 0 0
Apollyon Echelon - Khongrogurr

Coral-like Ape Demon God
2nd Demon God to ally with Akgrizzleos and join his horde. Joined some centuries after the Titanomachy. Certain contributions of his actually helped lead Akgrizzleos' decision into purposely recruiting other Demon Gods after him.
Primarily serves as a commander of troops in situations that Akgrizzleos can't due to distance. His war tactics however at times can be very poor to extremely disastrous. A poor leader that not only often gets more of his own troops killed than those of the enemy but also often outright retreats when faced against stronger opponents. It's only when he takes direct orders from Akgrizzleos that he actually secures significant victories.
He's generally in charge of boosting the morale of the various demon troops with his various debau
:iconleodilfkaiser:LeoDIlfKaiser 0 0

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Gregory Verallo
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